Alivie™ 2.0: Award-Winning Pre-Teen Straightener

Let your child safely style on their own, increasing their confidence and giving you peace of mind.

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Styling Without Burning.

Traditional straighteners have exposed heating elements that can easily burn inexperienced users.

Our straightener's heating elements are safely enclosed and surrounded by cool-tipped nylon fingers, ensuring that they are never accessible to the touch.

Caring parents like you trust our safer solution.

''My daughter feels confident and proud to choose her own hairstyle. It's her body, so I let her decide! I knew she'd love this straightener because she can now straighten her hair on her own. It works pretty well, and I really love the fact that she can't burn herself with it!''
- Simone T.

''My daughters are in LOVE with this! They even do each other's hair with it. They stopped asking me to straighten their hair, and I think they feel more independent this way. They're pretty happy about that, I really recommend Alivie!''
-Bethany F.

"I always said no when my daughter asked for a straightener like her friends. She has such fine hair that I feared she'd damage it. This one has much safer temperatures since it's made for pre-teens, so I got her one. She's really happy, and so am I. Thank you, Alivie!''
- Alana S.

Simple 5 min Steps

Step 1

Detangle the hair and apply heat protectant spray
Even with lower temperatures, using heat protectant is mandatory to prevent damage.

Step 2

Pre-heat Alivie to the desired temperature.

Step 3

Insert the Alivie straightener into the section of hair, ensuring the teeth face away from your child.

With the other hand, ensure the hair is positioned deeply into the brush. Slowly glide the straightener down the hair strand.

Step 4

Continue with other sections of hair to achieve the desired style.

Protects their fine hair.

Before reaching puberty, pre-teens have very fine hair that can be easily damaged by the high temperatures of regular hair tools.

That’s why we limited the maximum temperature of our straighteners to a safe setting, providing protection from any long-term damage to their fine hair.

Designed with their safety in mind.

See why so many parents choose Alivie for their child’s first straightener.


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